#31. Talk about your experiences with disability in online support groups.

If you have experience with disability (especially if you have a disability, but also if you are the parent, sibling, partner, or caregiver of a person with a disability), your voice is important. People who have never directly or even indirectly experienced disability may have simplistic–and often overly negative–ideas about what the lives of disabled people and their families are like. And pregnant women who receive prenatal diagnoses of disability may overestimate future hardship and underestimate their abilities and resources to handle that hardship–sometimes because medical providers consciously overemphasize these aspects (see #17).

Join online support groups for the disabilities you have experience with, and check them regularly. Be available to talk about your experiences and offer insights and advice to people struggling with new diagnoses, particularly women grappling with recent prenatal diagnoses. And, if you feel so moved, talk about your experiences on your own social media accounts as well as with friends and family. The more society understands these differences and perspectives, the better.

Photo credit Marcus Aurelius from Unsplash

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