# 54. Advocate for laws preventing minors from obtaining abortions out of state without parental permission.

Abortion laws across the United States have been in flux since the Supreme Court overturned the federal constitutional right to abortion in June 2022. This means that, in states where abortion is restricted, women are considering traveling out of state to obtain abortions. This includes minors. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 36 states at this time require … Continue reading # 54. Advocate for laws preventing minors from obtaining abortions out of state without parental permission.

#51. Amplify the voices of unconventional pro-lifers.

People who aren't very involved in the abortion debate (so, most people) often have the misperception that Americans against abortion are primarily white Republican Christian men. This is a myth. It's important for the public to understand that pro-life activists come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Countless on-the-fencers already have pro-life inclinations, but they … Continue reading #51. Amplify the voices of unconventional pro-lifers.

#49. Take pictures at pro-life events.

Organizers put an extraordinary amount of work into creating marches, rallies, and protests, but they often struggle to have enough people to document and promote these events. That's unfortunate because large pro-life events can demonstrate important information about our movement and our goals. There are usually a lot of clever, thoughtful, and moving signs. The … Continue reading #49. Take pictures at pro-life events.

#47. Create a “Contact Our Reps” group.

There are many ways to advocate for change through legislation, but in the end these efforts usually require the cooperation of elected officials. So let your officials know what you think and want. Research suggests staffers take more notice of personalized content that required some effort (i.e. online petition signatures mean little to them, but … Continue reading #47. Create a “Contact Our Reps” group.

#46. Subscribe to pro-life podcasts.

Podcasts can be a great way to convert otherwise mundane tasks into opportunities for education and inspiration. Change your weekday commutes or after-dinner dishes into contributions to pro-life work by spending that time listening to podcasts (and thus, hopefully, increasing your knowledge and abilities as a pro-life advocate). Below is a list of a few … Continue reading #46. Subscribe to pro-life podcasts.

#43. Study the pro-choice worldview.

The better we understand the other side, the more effective we will be at dialoguing with pro-choice people, rebutting pro-choice claims, and overcoming pro-choice tactics. This process requires recognizing not only what they say but why they say it. What are their priorities? What are their fundamental beliefs? What verbiage do they use most often, … Continue reading #43. Study the pro-choice worldview.

#42. Report illegal distribution of abortion pills to the FDA.

[Update: This post was originally written in March 2021. More recently the FDA has approved distribution of abortion pills via mail, though there are still restrictions on who can prescribe and receive these pills.] Medication abortion is a process in which a woman takes one or more pills to expel an embryo in the first … Continue reading #42. Report illegal distribution of abortion pills to the FDA.