#46. Subscribe to pro-life podcasts.

Podcasts can be a great way to convert otherwise mundane tasks into opportunities for education and inspiration. Change your weekday commutes or after-dinner dishes into contributions to pro-life work by spending that time listening to podcasts (and thus, hopefully, increasing your knowledge and abilities as a pro-life advocate). Below is a list of a few … Continue reading #46. Subscribe to pro-life podcasts.

#43. Study the pro-choice worldview.

The better we understand the other side, the more effective we will be at dialoguing with pro-choice people, rebutting pro-choice claims, and overcoming pro-choice tactics. This process requires recognizing not only what they say but why they say it. What are their priorities? What are their fundamental beliefs? What verbiage do they use most often, … Continue reading #43. Study the pro-choice worldview.

#1. Talk with your family and friends about abortion.

Ask the people who you're closest to what they think about the issue and why. If they are pro-life, ask them if they'd like to brainstorm with you about ways to get involved. If they are pro-choice, explore how they come to their stance. Find common ground and emphasize shared motivations (caring for people, protecting … Continue reading #1. Talk with your family and friends about abortion.