#43. Study the pro-choice worldview.

The better we understand the other side, the more effective we will be at dialoguing with pro-choice people, rebutting pro-choice claims, and overcoming pro-choice tactics. This process requires recognizing not only what they say but why they say it. What are their priorities? What are their fundamental beliefs? What verbiage do they use most often, and what does that language imply? Remember their arguments in political debates are just designed to win political debates. Those arguments don’t necessarily tell us their main fears, concerns, and hopes. We want that background.

There are no doubt countless pro-life resources summarizing pro-choice viewpoints, but the best way to learn what people think is to go to the sources themselves. Seek out pro-choice blogs, podcasts, books, or social media accounts. It might be emotionally exhausting to deep dive into perspectives we recognize as horrifically damaging, but try to approach the content with a spirit of dispassionate analysis. This is a research assignment.

Alternatively, ask pro-choice friends or family to talk with you about their perspectives. Remember these conversations aren’t about persuading them to our side but rather understanding theirs, so try not to argue right now. Instead ask clarifying questions and give them space to expand as much as they’re comfortable.

Understanding the pro-choice worldview is an important part of pro-life apologetics, but certainly not the only part. Click here to see more ways to grow as a pro-life advocate.

Photo credit Pixabay from Pexels.

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