The Full List

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  1. Talk with your friends and family about abortion.
  2. Make sure you have sufficient sexual education.
  3. Make sexual choices that won’t result in unintended pregnancy.
  4. Clean out your closets and donate items to your local pregnancy resource center or maternity home.
  5. Provide respite care for foster families.
  6. Set up your Amazon Smile account to donate to a pro-life organization.
  7. Familiarize yourself with abortion laws in your state.
  8. Volunteer to cuddle and talk to babies in a local NICU.
  9. Sponsor a pro-life speaker.
  10. Talk to your priest or pastor about discussing abortion publicly within your church.
  11. Sponsor or create advertisements for pro-life legislation.
  12. Buy sidewalk counselors a coffee.
  13. Advocate for restrictions on late-term abortion in your state.
  14. Donate supplies to child welfare agencies.
  15. Join a campus pro-life group.
  16. Learn the stances of your political representatives.
  17. Talk to medical providers about how they deliver prenatal Down syndrome diagnoses.
  18. Create a book club.
  19. Volunteer to help a pro-life organization by sending thank you notes to donors.
  20. Create a pro-life prayer group.
  21. Find pro-life healthcare providers.
  22. Buy lunch for your local pregnancy resource center.
  23. Advocate for perinatal hospice notification.
  24. Give adoptive and foster families books with adoption and foster themes.
  25. Work with local high schools to support pregnant and parenting students.
  26. Send elected officials thank you notes when they accomplish pro-life work.
  27. Leave business cards for your local pregnancy resource center.
  28. Get sidewalk counselors literature to hand out.
  29. Write letters to the editor.
  30. Support women with unintended pregnancies in your church.
  31. Talk about your experience with disability in online support groups.
  32. Learn the details of fetal development.
  33. Advocate for informed consent laws regarding ultrasound viewing.
  34. Babysit siblings so parents can take foster children to appointments.
  35. Like, comment on, and share content from your favorite pro-life organizations.
  36. Volunteer with campaigns for pro-life candidates.
  37. Stand with sidewalk counselors–literally.
  38. Help abortion clinic workers learn about And Then There Were None.
  39. Transcribe pro-life videos, podcasts, and other audio.
  40. Translate pro-life articles, blog posts, and other written word.
  41. Commit to praying once a day for an end to abortion.
  42. Report illegal distribution of abortion pills to the FDA.
  43. Study the pro-choice worldview.
  44. Advocate for trigger laws in your state.
  45. Become a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) or guardian at litem (GAL) for foster children.
  46. Subscribe to pro-life podcasts.
  47. Create a “Contact Our Reps” group.
  48. Go thrift shopping.
  49. Take pictures at pro-life events.
  50. Post ads in newspapers for local pregnancy resource centers.
  51. Amplify the voices of unconventional pro-lifers.
  52. Create chalk art.
  53. Donate items to babies in need.
  54. Advocate for laws preventing minors from obtaining abortions out of state without parental permission.