#28. Get sidewalk counselors literature to hand out.

Sidewalk counselors often have only a few moments to talk to people going in and out of the clinic, so it’s helpful for them to have print outs for people to take and look over in their own time. These handouts may have information about local resources, post-abortion counseling, fetal development, or abortion procedures. Some counselors pay to print homemade flyers, handwrite information in greeting cards, or buy pre-made handouts from other organizations.

You can make sidewalk counseling a little bit easier for them by learning what literature they like to use and buying it, printing it, or donating to have it printed. If they don’t have any literature, ask if they’d like you to find or make some. Get them business cards from local pregnancy resource centers (see #27). Contact other local resources (e.g. maternity homes, adoption agencies, federally qualified health centers) and find out if they have literature you can use.

Review a summary of ways to support sidewalk counselors here.

Photo credit Rehumanize International – get the free printable brochure here.

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