#38. Help abortion clinic workers learn about And Then There Were None.

And Then There Were None (ATTWN) is an organization devoted to helping abortion clinic staff leave the industry. ATTWN helps with resume writing and limited transitional income. The organization offers scholarships for pursuing certifications or advanced degrees in the medical field. It can also connect former clinic workers with Christian pastors or licensed therapists to … Continue reading #38. Help abortion clinic workers learn about And Then There Were None.

#37. Stand with sidewalk counselors–literally.

Even if you aren't prepared to personally counsel women heading for the clinic, you can support sidewalk counselors with your physical presence. They often spend long hours on the sidewalk with periods of no interaction, so you can provide company. If there is only one counselor, he or she may not want to leave the … Continue reading #37. Stand with sidewalk counselors–literally.

#28. Get sidewalk counselors literature to hand out.

Sidewalk counselors often have only a few moments to talk to people going in and out of the clinic, so it's helpful for them to have print outs for people to take and look over in their own time. These handouts may have information about local resources, post-abortion counseling, fetal development, or abortion procedures. Some … Continue reading #28. Get sidewalk counselors literature to hand out.

#12. Buy sidewalk counselors a coffee.

Sidewalk counselors are people who wait peacefully outside abortion clinics to offer resources and compassion to women seeking abortion. This work can be emotionally and physically exhausting, and counselors appreciate tangible and emotional support. Find out when they're outside your local clinics, and show up with some small coffees for them or, depending on the … Continue reading #12. Buy sidewalk counselors a coffee.