#38. Help abortion clinic workers learn about And Then There Were None.

And Then There Were None (ATTWN) is an organization devoted to helping abortion clinic staff leave the industry. ATTWN helps with resume writing and limited transitional income. The organization offers scholarships for pursuing certifications or advanced degrees in the medical field. It can also connect former clinic workers with Christian pastors or licensed therapists to address spiritual, emotional, or psychological needs. ATTWN also hosts multiple all-expenses-paid retreats a year for former workers to connect with one another and process their experiences.

ATTWN is only useful to the clinic workers who know the organization exists. Help spread the word. ATTWN has drop cards available to download from their website. Ask your local sidewalk counselors and pregnancy resource centers if they would like copies of these drop cards. Mail the drop cards to clinics. You can also volunteer with ATTWN to create handwritten cards to mail to clinics around the country encouraging workers to leave the abortion industry.

Photo credit And Then There Were None

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