Supporting sidewalk counselors

Support them emotionally. Buy them a coffee, or a cold soda or lemonade. Donuts. Breakfast burritos. Sandwiches. Or gift cards for any of these. Drop by and give them a thank you card or simply tell them you appreciate them. Honk and wave as you drive by. Even if you aren’t going to counsel, stand with them and give them company and safety in numbers.

Get them supplies. Bring them stacks of business cards from local pregnancy resource centers. Purchase (or design and print) literature for them to hand out. Print drop cards from And Then There Were None for them to have available. Purchase fetal models. Make “mom gift bags” which include literature, fetal models, mints or gum, chapstick, pro-life bumper stickers, or other little tokens. Design and print signs the counselors can hold or prop up on the sidewalk. If you live in a particularly cold area, get them hand warmers to keep in their pockets. If you live in a particularly hot area, get them portable misting fans.

Get them information. Give the counselors a list of names and contact information for healthcare providers who are life-affirming. Make sure the counselors are aware of all local and state resources available for low income women and children, including contact info. Identify maternity homes in the area or private individuals who would be willing to lend a bedroom temporarily. Connect counselors to people willing and able to volunteer skills like car repairs or home repairs to assist families in need. Connect them to people who can give rides to prenatal appointments, organize baby showers, or provide childcare for a working mom. Make sure counselors have information on perinatal hospice options in the area.

Train and join them. If you have the ability, become a sidewalk counselor yourself. Ask them how they went about it and follow their lead, or check out these resources: