#29. Write letters to the editor.

You can submit letters to major national newspapers but also newspapers for your city, town, or college campus. Generally the smaller the newspaper’s circulation, the more likely your letter will be printed. You can also submit the same letter to many papers and see what works. Remember it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or overly detailed; some letters to the editor are only a few sentences.

The letter can be a response to a recent article in a given paper, but it doesn’t have to be; any statement about issues that affect the paper’s readers may be published. Support (or protest) recently proposed legislation or long-standing laws, promote local resources, ask for help with grassroots pro-life work, praise (or condemn) public figures for their efforts, or opine on abortion as it relates to ableism, feminism, healthcare, poverty, or any number of other issues. There are countless possible topics. Pick one you’re passionate about, and keep the letter concise, factual, and focused. Whether or not your letter is published, consider also posting a copy to social media and starting conversations in your own social circles.

Photo credit cottonbro from Unsplash

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