#23. Advocate for perinatal hospice notification.

Perinatal hospice provides support to parents experiencing a pregnancy in which the child has a life-limiting condition that may result in the child’s death before or shortly after birth. The services can include birth planning; emotional support for the parents; warmth, comfort, and nutrition for the newborn; and medical treatments to improve the baby’s quality of life.

Many people don’t realize perinatal hospice is available. Some states legally require providers to notify women of this option at the time of a fetal diagnosis, but most states have no such requirement. This lack of regulation means women eligible for these services may not be informed precisely when such information may have been particularly helpful to them.

Familiarize yourself with perinatal hospice laws in your state. If you live in a state with no notification requirements, take steps to change that. Here is an outline of ways to work for legislative reform.

Photo credit Cristian Newman from Unsplash

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