Advocating for legislation

If you want to support pro-life legislation (or fight legislation promoting abortion), you have many options.

Raise public awareness about the issue

  • Educate yourself regarding the issue;
  • Educate yourself regarding your political representatives’ stances on the issue;
  • Talk with your friends and family about both of the above;
  • Write letters to the editor for your city, state, or national newspapers;
  • Call radio shows to discuss the issue; and
  • Post information on social media.

Communicate with your political representatives

  • Contact the offices of executive and legislative branches to express your disagreement with current law;
  • Organize a group of people who will commit to consistently contacting representatives about pro-life issues;
  • Draft template emails or letters to send to the proper political offices regarding the issue and share these templates with friends;
  • Ask to meet with political representatives to discuss legislative ideas; ask for their offices’ help with drafting proposed legislation;
  • If your representatives work to achieve your goals, donate to them and send them thank you notes;
  • If your representatives won’t meet with you, hold peaceful protests outside their offices; and
  • If your representatives won’t meet with you, express your perspective through billboards or other advertising in sight of their offices or along their commute routes.

Raise public awareness about specific pro-life legislation

  • Read the text of the bill and make sure you understand what it says (do not rely only on summaries by media or advocacy groups);
  • Attend hearings and testify in support of the legislation; bring as many like-minded friends as you can to do the same;
  • Contact organizations sponsoring the bill and ask them for materials you can distribute in your community (e.g. for community bulletin boards or during door-to-door canvasing);
  • If bill sponsors don’t have materials regarding the bill, volunteer to design some;
  • Likewise ask if you can help sponsor a billboard, newspaper ad, TV ad, or other media to get their talking points more exposure;
  • Share social media posts advocating for the bill; and
  • Help pro-life organizations develop and distribute voter guides.


Vote each time you have the opportunity, but especially for state and local issues. Encourage your friends and family to vote too. If you have the means, facilitate voting by offering to drive, watch children, or otherwise remove logistical barriers for others.