#52. Create chalk art.

Note: Check local and state laws as well as campus regulations to determine whether sidewalk chalk is considered vandalism in the context you’re using it. Regulations vary.

Pick a location and think of which designs you’d like to do. If you’re chalking on a college campus, statistics and quick facts might pique some interest. If you’re chalking in front of an abortion clinic, it might be more useful to focus on messages of hope and encouragement (and contact info for pregnancy resource centers!) If you’re focusing on a local park or other area, you may try a more general pro-life message (see below). Consider your timing–it’s often easiest to chalk when there’s less traffic, which may mean early morning or late evening depending on location. See if you have any creative friends who’d like to join you. And, finally, make sure you have plenty of chalk!

Photo credit Evie Schwartzbauer

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