#51. Amplify the voices of unconventional pro-lifers.

People who aren’t very involved in the abortion debate (so, most people) often have the misperception that Americans against abortion are primarily white Republican Christian men. This is a myth.

It’s important for the public to understand that pro-life activists come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Countless on-the-fencers already have pro-life inclinations, but they haven’t gotten involved at least in part because they believe they don’t belong in the “pro-life movement.” When they see fellow PoC, atheists, feminists, LGBT+, Democrats, and any other group that defies the stereotype, they see potential space for themselves.

If you belong to one of these unconventional groups, be vocal about it. Ostentatious, even. Make yourself a beacon to attract others of your demographics. When attending pro-life events, create literal signs that state your demographics on them (see below). Introduce yourself with “Hi, I’m [so and so], and I’m a pro-life [atheist/Democrat/feminist/whatever].” In your private life, look for opportunities to let your social circles know you’re against abortion (see #1). Be prepared to talk about why someone of your background is pro-life.

If you belong to a more traditional pro-life social circle, look for opportunities to amplify the voices of unconventional pro-lifers. Find their groups on social media and learn about their perspectives. Like and share their content and link to them in your conversations with others. Donate to them and ask them to use the donations to advertise their content. Specifically invite them to pro-life events. Even better, ask them to present or speak at those events, or ask the event coordinators if they would be interested in extending such invitations (see #9). In general, think of these groups as pro-life ambassadors into their own social circles, and find ways to boost their visibility and support their outreach.

Photo credit Maria Oswalt from Unsplash

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