#50. Post ads in newspapers for local pregnancy resource centers.

One major way to support pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) is to make sure your community knows where they are and what services they offer. Contact the PRC and tell them you’d like to help them advertise by placing a newspaper ad. Find out whether it would be easier for you to give them a donation and let them coordinate the ad or for you to purchase the ad directly. If the latter, ask if they have any details they’d like you to include in addition to their location, contact info, and hours of operation. Then contact the newspaper(s) and find out what the costs and requirements are for their advertising options. Some will offer lower rates for repeated ads. Some offer options for both print and online publications. Ask them what metrics they have for measuring the ad’s reach. Your ad doesn’t have to be ornate as long as it delivers the relevant facts to the target audience, but if you happen to have an art for design, all the better.

Photo credit AbsolutVision from Unsplash

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