#9. Sponsor a pro-life speaker.

If there are pro-life activists you find particularly informative or compelling, donate to help get them in front of more or larger audiences. The donations could take the form of:

  • Helping a speaker go to different physical locations (donating for airline, train, or bus tickets, hotels, gas station gift cards; volunteering to host a speaker while he or she is traveling);
  • Helping a speaker put more content online (donating for video cameras, video editing software, graphic design services); or
  • Helping widen an online audience (offering to sponsor a podcast episode, donating for advertising through Google, Youtube, Facebook, or similar).

Contact your preferred pro-life individuals and ask how you can help increase their reach. You can also contact pro-life organizations that sponsor conferences and other activist events and talk with them about why you’d love to see your preferred person in their next line-up.

Photo credit Public Domain Pictures through Pexels

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