#10. Talk to your priest or pastor about discussing abortion publicly within your church.

Please note this entry is written with Christian readers in mind, but we hope the ideas are also useful to Jews, Muslims, and anyone else who regularly participates in a religious community.

If your church doesn’t already address abortion directly, consider having a private meeting with church leadership to discuss their approach. This can be a sensitive and tricky conversation, but you may find that the church’s silence isn’t a result of indifference of condonation so much as uncertainty and intimidation. The Equal Rights Institute has a fantastic, detailed article about how to discuss the issue with your pastor or priest. Here are the cliffnotes:

  1. Have the conversation in private.
  2. Come to the meeting with humility.
  3. Ask if there is already a church policy about what would happen to a woman in the youth group if she became pregnant.
  4. Make it clear that you realize that what this pregnant teen is imagining would happen is probably a lot worse than what would actually happen.
  5. Tell a story.
  6. Present this as an opportunity for the pastor to be able to say something brief about abortion in a way that shows how much he loves his flock.
  7. Offer to help with practical stuff like throwing a baby shower.

See the full article for a lot more information about how the church can talk about abortion directly and be a place of welcoming, forgiveness, and healing, and about how you can work with church leadership to create that environment.

Photo credit Brett Sayles through Pexels

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