#47. Create a “Contact Our Reps” group.

There are many ways to advocate for change through legislation, but in the end these efforts usually require the cooperation of elected officials. So let your officials know what you think and want. Research suggests staffers take more notice of personalized content that required some effort (i.e. online petition signatures mean little to them, but a handwritten letter might catch their eye).

Making contact on your own is a good start, but you can maximize impact by organizing a few like-minded friends to join your efforts. There are plenty of people open to this kind of help who are just unsure what to say or too busy to keep track of optimal times to reach out.

Identify two or three pro-life friends who would be willing to make a more concerted effort. Make sure everyone has the contact information for your local, state, and national representatives. Agree to contact these representatives some minimum number of times per year. Plan to notify each other of relevant current events or legislation. For each instance of contact, discuss a few facts or ideas you could mention in your correspondence, but let each person in your group convey the information in his or her own words. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to conduct deep dive research on every topic; don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Even a greeting card with just 3-4 lines of your perspective goes further than not speaking out.

Photo credit Element5 Digital from Pexels

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