#48. Go thrift shopping.

First, consider which organizations or people you would like to donate to. Contact them in advance to find out what kind of donations they accept and whether there are particular items they need. Then let the search commence. Thrift shopping is like treasure hunting; many of the shop’s wares will be of no use to you, but if you keep an eye out, you’ll find some amazing bargains on gently used items such as baby clothes, maternity clothes, children’s books, baby toys, or rocking chairs. You might also find great deals on high chairs, changing tables, or strollers, but for these kinds of used items be sure to double check consumer safety information.

If you’re near one, start with Once Upon a Child, as the chain specializes in baby and children sales. Otherwise any secondhand shop will do. Also keep an eye for thrift deals online, such as through Facebook marketplace or local buy/sell/trade groups. Or take a weekend to explore garage sales. Collect what you can and donate to local pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, adoption and child welfare agencies, or families in the community.

Photo credit Burst from Pexels

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