#40. Translate pro-life articles, blog posts, and other written word.

If you’re bilingual, you have much needed skills to contribute to the movement. Translating work into other languages will mean more people can access the work. If you’ve ever read a pro-life article, blog post, or other written work (even social media posts) that you thought was particularly helpful, find out whether the organization or individual who produced the work would like it translated. If there are speeches, presentations, podcasts, and other non-written work you love, double up as transcriber and translator. If you can’t think of a particular work you’d like to help with, contact your preferred pro-life organizations and ask whether they have any projects they would especially like translated. Of course translation will be particularly useful if you speak a language common in the region, but even if your skills are with a less common language, offer to help. The more people can access the work, the better.

Photo credit Leonardo Toshiro Okubo from Unsplash

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