#41. Commit to praying once a day for an end to abortion.

Please note this entry is written with Christian readers in mind, but we hope the ideas are also useful to Jews, Muslims, and anyone else who regularly participates in a religious community.

Pick a time each day that you can take a moment to pray for an end to abortion. If it helps, set a recurring alarm to remind yourself. The prayer doesn’t have to be long, but it should be focused, so try to pick a time when you’re unlikely to be interrupted. If you can, start with reading scripture, listening to worship music, or other activities that help you settle and focus. For some people, writing out prayers can help with focus and prevent distraction, so if you think that would be useful consider keeping a prayer notebook or journal on hand.

See the “spiritual support” category for other faith-based and church-centered ways to do pro-life work.

Photo credit Jack Sharp from Unsplash

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