#13. Advocate for restrictions on late-term abortion in your state.

Polls find American support for abortion wanes as the pregnancy progresses. Even many pro-choice people are uncomfortable with the idea of abortion later in pregnancy, particularly if such abortions are medically unnecessary. But many people don’t realize the legal status of late-term abortion where they live.

First, familiarize yourself with abortion laws in your state. The Kaiser Family Foundation has a map visualizing state-by-state restrictions on later pregnancy. Second, familiarize yourself with common claims regarding late-term abortion and the data available to verify or refute those claims. Finally, if you live in a state with restrictions on later abortion with broad exceptions–or a state with no restrictions at all–take steps to change that. Here is an outline of ways to work for legislative reform.

Photo credit João Paulo de Souza Oliveira through Pexels

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