#23. Advocate for perinatal hospice notification.

Perinatal hospice provides support to parents experiencing a pregnancy in which the child has a life-limiting condition that may result in the child's death before or shortly after birth. The services can include birth planning; emotional support for the parents; warmth, comfort, and nutrition for the newborn; and medical treatments to improve the baby's quality … Continue reading #23. Advocate for perinatal hospice notification.

#21. Find pro-life healthcare providers.

Approximately half of American women are against abortion, and many of us would prefer pre- and post-natal care from providers who recognize our embryos and fetuses as our valuable children. At minimum, should there be complications during our pregnancies, we would like a healthcare team that will work with us to find solutions in the … Continue reading #21. Find pro-life healthcare providers.

#17. Talk to medical providers about how they deliver prenatal Down syndrome diagnoses.

Prenatal diagnoses of Down syndrome are highly correlated with abortion, and many women have reported that medical personnel either assumed they would want to abort or overtly pressured them to do so. It's not uncommon for doctors to talk about the health risks associated with Down syndrome, explain how to obtain an abortion, and then … Continue reading #17. Talk to medical providers about how they deliver prenatal Down syndrome diagnoses.

#15. Join a campus pro-life group.

Pro-life college students are important ambassadors for our cause. Relative to other age brackets, college-aged women experience disproportionately high rates of both unintended pregnancy and abortion; it's therefore especially important to have a visible, vocal pro-life presence on campus letting pregnant students know about resources and support available for them. Additionally, college students are more … Continue reading #15. Join a campus pro-life group.

#13. Advocate for restrictions on late-term abortion in your state.

Polls find American support for abortion wanes as the pregnancy progresses. Even many pro-choice people are uncomfortable with the idea of abortion later in pregnancy, particularly if such abortions are medically unnecessary. But many people don't realize the legal status of late-term abortion where they live. First, familiarize yourself with abortion laws in your state. … Continue reading #13. Advocate for restrictions on late-term abortion in your state.

#4. Clean out your closets (and your kids’ closets).

Pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes often accept gently used children's books and toys, newborn and infant clothing, maternity clothes, and other items. Look up the organizations nearest you (just Google your city and "pregnancy resource center" or "maternity home") and call them first to find out what items they accept and how they'd like … Continue reading #4. Clean out your closets (and your kids’ closets).